Saturday, November 19, 2011

Daily Nayi Baat(Newspaper): Daily Nai Baat(Newspaper)

Daily Nayi Baat(Newspaper): Daily Nai Baat(Newspaper): Superior Uni launching a newspaper " Nai Baat" from Wednesday 23,Nov 2011. Having interesting features that make it different from ord...


  1. go0d step in market...
    but the way of promotion of "Daily Nai baAt" is wrong.

  2. so suggest the way how i can promote it??

  3. Mr abdul rahman very good decision lounge new news paper in this field but your layout so old peoples need something different like as daily waqt ajkal and pakistan today

  4. i think g00d decision of Mr. Abdul Rehman because every one want to change in market.

  5. Yasir Ali Khokhar.
    I think this is positive sign for today generation. this news paper is not belong to any political background, it can be helpful for the every one.

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  7. like the previous record in the superior history since 2000, another achievement in superior history from my side is "DAILY NAI BAAT" news paper launched by superior. God bless on superior family.

    Muhammad Rizwan

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  9. I appreciate your efforts regarding to publish neutral news and hope to focus this point at the end please.

    Best of luck

  10. its a courgeous step to launch Nai Baat in these hectic situations nd circumstances nd to provide a new nd good opportunity to explore country and its issues
    i hope ths paper l work on impartial basis
    best of luck


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